GearWrench 85076 WR TRQ Elec 3/8" 7-100 ft-lb

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3/8" Drive Electronic Torque Wrench 10-135 Nm

  • Digitally Tracks Torque Measurement. Multiple Alerts When the Target Torque is Reached Prevent Over Torquing of Bolts. Handle Vibrates, Buzzer Sounds & LED Light Shows Solid
  • “Target Torque Alert” Gives a Warning as the Target Torque Setting is Approached, So There is Less Chance of Over Torquing a Bolt
  • Accurate in Clockwise Direction +/- 2% and +/-3% in a Counter-Clockwise Direction, From 20% to 100% of Full Scale
  • 5 Torque Measurement Units Available for Working in Nm, Ft-lb, In-lb and Kgf-m, Kgf-cm
  • 72-Tooth Ratchet Mechanism with a 5 Degree Swing Arc
  • Handle and Housing are Oil and Solvent Resistant
  • Requires 2 AA (alkaline) Batteries
  • Meets or Exceeds ASME B107.28M
  • Additional Scale: 88.5 in/lb - 1194 in/lb

WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive harm