Knipex 4811J3SBA Precision Snap Ring Pliers: 9" Internal

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Retaining-ring pliers install and remove snap rings that fit into a bore or onto a shaft and hold components in place. Also known as circlip pliers, their tips provide a firm grip on the rings to prevent them from flying off. Each pair of pliers adjusts its jaws to accommodate rings within a set diameter range. Retaining-ring pliers are commonly used to place rings on actuators, gear assemblies, motor shafts, and other machinery.

  • Precision internal circlip pliers for installing or removing circlips in bore holes
  • For fitting snap rings into bores, ranging from 1-37/64" - 3-15/16"
  • Inserted straight tips for reliable work
  • Circlips are held securely, large contact faces and the position of the tips make it difficult for the circlip to fly off
  • Bolted joint: precise, zero-backlash operation of pliers
  • Heavy-duty continuous operation: up to 10 times longer service life than turned tips
  • Inserted tips: spring steel wire, drawn
  • Pliers body: chrome vanadium electric steel; forged, oil-hardened

WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive harm