Lisle 69910 Turbo Air System Test Kit 13pc.

  • $190.00

Helps Locate Air Leaks in Turbo System Components by Plugging the Output Side of the Turbo and the Intake Inlet.

Air is applied through one adapter to show the presence of leaks within the system. Six pairs of stepped adapters to fit most turbo systems on cars and light trucks. Can also be used on some cooling system hoses. Includes pressure gauge, shut off valve and pressure regulator.

Part Number Description
69710 31/38mm Plugged Adapter
69720 31/38mm Air Fitting Adapter
69730 46/51mm Plugged Adapter
69740 46/51mm Air Fitting Adapter
69750 55/60mm Plugged Adapter
69760 55/60mm Air Fitting Adapter
69770 65/70mm Plugged Adapter
69780 65/70mm Air Fitting Adapter
69790 75/80mm Plugged Adapter
69800 75/80mm Air Fitting Adapter
69810 85/90mm Plugged Adapter
69820 85/90mm Air Fitting Adapter
69840 Air Regulator Hose and Gauge

WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive harm