Master Appliance MT-51 Butane-Powered Microtorch

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One of the most versatile heat tools any hobbyist or professional can own is a butane-powered torch. There are many uses for microtorches, but the possibilities are virtually limitless when you own the Master Microtorch MT-51. This compact, easy-to-use heat tool boasts a two-hour continuous run time at full charge, making it perfect for applications where continuous heat is required. Every MT-51 model features a stable base to provide the option of hands-free use and a refillable, built-in fuel tank. For best results, we recommend using Ultratane® butane fuel that contains no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). To help you make your new heat tool even more versatile, we offer an array of compatible attachments and accessories to choose from.


  • Master's #1 best selling versatile, hand held or table top butane powered microtorch
  • Self igniting
  • Hands free slide lock for continuous use
  • Flame temperature up to 2500F
  • Adjustable flame size
  • 2 hour continuous run time on a full tank
  • Refill with Master Ultrane butane fuel for best performance

WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive harm