Mayhew 37345 Bolt Extractor 10pc Set in Case (SAE)

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Screw extractors are used for removing broken or seized screws. Its hardened steel edges allow for easy screw removal. The fluted cutting edges cut into the screw shaft to remove the screw. Made in the USA. Mayhew's specialty tools are designed for tough applications. Engineered to tackle specific and sometimes trying applications, our specialty tools are developed to tackle the jobs that no other tools do. These tools are designed to make tasks simpler and safer, saving you both time and frustration. Unlike anything else on the market, our specialty tools work hard—even in confined spaces—so you don’t have to.


  • 10 PC Bolt Extractor Set in Case (SAE)
  • Includes various sizes of Mayhew screw extractors
  • Hardened steel edges for easy removal of damaged screws
  • Fluted cutting edges for cutting into screw shaft
  • Set includes a convenient, heavy duty case


  • 36961 1/8″ Screw Extractor (Length: 2.437-Inch)
  • 36962 3/16″ Screw Extractor (Length: 2.625-Inch)
  • 36963 15/64″ Screw Extractor (Length: 2.875-Inch)
  • 36964 5/16″ Screw Extractor
  • 36965 3/8″ Screw Extractor (Length: 3.250-Inch)
  • 36966 15/32″ Screw Extractor (Length: 3.875-Inch)
  • 36967 9/16″ Screw Extractor (Length: 4.500-Inch)
  • 36968 21/32″ Screw Extractor (Length: 4.875-Inch)
  • 36969 13/16″ Screw Extractor (Length: 5.375-Inch)
  • Organizational Storage Case


    WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive harm