Mayhew Pro 61044 Punch and Chisel Kit, 14-Piece

SKU: MAY 61044
Regular price $77.30

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The Mayhew 61044 Punch and Chisel Kit, 14-Piece, includes: 10200 1/4-Inch Black Oxide Cold Chisel, 10202MAY 3/8-Inch Black Oxide Cold Chisel, 10205 1/2-Inch Black Oxide Cold Chisel, 10209 5/8-Inch Black Oxide Cold Chisel, 10212 3/4-Inch Black Oxide Cold Chisel, 20001 1/8-Inch Black Oxide Solid Punch, 20002 3/16-Inch Black Oxide Solid Punch, 21001 3/32-Inch Black Oxide Pin Punch, 21002 1/8-Inch Black Oxide Pin Punch, 21003 5/32-Inch Black Oxide Pin Punch, 21004 3/16-Inch Black Oxide Pin Punch, 21005 1/4-Inch Black Oxide Pin Punch, 22010 1/8-Inch Black Oxide Line-Up Punch, and 24002 3/8-Inch Black Oxide Center Punch.  Comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty.


WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive harm