Mityvac MV5530 Professional Compression Test Kit (was 05530)

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Satisfy the growing demand for high quality tools that you need with the best-selling tools from Mityvac!
Includes everything required to perform dry and wet engine cylinder compression tests commonly used to detect ring or cylinder head problems, sticking valves, and blown head gaskets
Manual pressure release for maintaining peak readings
Professional grade threaded adapters for leak-proof seals
Extended hoses for hard to reach applications
Large, easy to read 2-3/4 in. diameter gauge
Adapters to fit engines as small as lawn mowers, chain saws, and trimmers
2-3/4 in. Gauge with high impact lens, rubber boot, and four scales of measure (psi, kg/cm2, bar, kPa), attached to 10 in. Long Hose and Quick Release Coupler
14mm Short-Thread Adapter with 6-1/2 in. & 12 in. Long Hoses
14mm Long-Thread Adapter with 12 in. Long Hose
18mm Short-Thread Adapter with 12 in. Long Hose
14mm Short-Thread x 18mm Long-Thread Adapter
10mm Thread Small Engine Adapter
12mm Thread Small Engine Adapter
Quick Release Air Hold Adapter
Custom Blow-Molded Case
Professional Compression Test Kit - MV5530

WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive harm