Mityvac MV6840 Pressure Bleed System

Mityvac MV6840 Pressure Bleed System

  • $289.95

Model MV6840 is a professional hydraulic brake and clutch bleeding system that includes a fluid dispenser with manual pump (MV6400) and a kit containing seven master cylinder adapters (MVA6850). It forces new brake fluid down through the master cylinder, while air and old fluid are expelled through the bleed screw(s).

A pressure gauge on the Dispenser allows control of the system pressure, and the pressurized reservoir allows the operator hands-free movement to the bleed screws.

Includes seven (7) master cylinder
adapters to connect to most American,
Asian, and European manufactured
cars and light trucks
Large 1.2-gallon (5-liter) fluid capacity
Fluid is dispensed under pressure for
smooth continual flow
Internal pump components are sealed
against exposure to fluids
Utilizes push-to-connect, quick-change
style accessory connections
Integrated safety and manual pressure
relief valve
Includes custom-molded storage case
for adapter
1.2-gallon (5-liter) Fluid Reservoir
Reservoir Lid w/ integrated manual pump,
pressure gauge, and pressure relief valve
5' (1.5 m) Fluid Dispensing Hose w/ flow
control and auto-shutoff valves
MVA6850 Pressure Bleed Adapter Kit
(includes seven master cylinder adapters)
Fluid Dispensing Wand
Hanging Hook
User’s Manual


Reservoir Capacity:
Max. Pressure:
Packaged Weight:
Packaged Size:
1.2 gallons (5 liters)
20 psi (1.4 bar)
14.4 lbs (6.5 kgs)
11.8" wide x 11.3" deep x 15.6" tall
(300mm x 290mm x 396mm)

WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive harm