Nes 1000 External Thread Repair Kit 5/32 to 1-1/2" 2-Piece

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"Nes thread repair tools are a complete line of tools specially designed to repair any defective thread, both internal and external. Our patented tools are universal in diameter and Pitch to give the user a comfortable, easy to use, fast and cost effective solution for any case of defective thread —in this we’re the experts!"

Between M4 – M38
5⁄32” – 11⁄2”

Model Cat. # Contents:   Package Size Weight
L W H Ib  gm
Nes 1000   01000

Nes 1A   RK1 60°
Nes 2   RK2 60°

inch 10116 6 11316 2.7 1200


WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive harm