Palmgren 9683299 - 12" x 20" Semi-Automatic Horizontal Band Saw - 460V

Palmgren 9683299 - 12" x 20" Semi-Automatic Horizontal Band Saw - 460V

  • $10,100.00

Palmgren's 12" x 20" semiautomatic horizontal band saw is a powerful and productive addition to any shop. Equipped with a semiautomatic cycle which allows the operator to initiate with the push of a button the following: blade start, saw head frame down, saw blade stop and saw head frame up to start position. This completely versatile band saw is a proven time saver, offering optimum sawing performance.

  • Saw head raised hydraulically after the end of each cut
  • Swing away control panel relocates saw controls to a single location for greater operator convenience and safety
  • Hydraulic down feed control is easily adjusted matching the proper feed rate to the materials being cut
  • Variable speed drive train allows the operator to fine tune the blade speed to match their cutting application
  • Hardened and ground gears operating in an oil bath deliver smooth, positive surface feet per minute to the blade
  • Adjustable tungsten carbide and precision ball bearing blade guides provide close positioning of the guides to the material being cut for square accurate cuts
  • Cast iron adjustable guide arms
  • Rapid acting vise adjustable for miter cuts
  • Blade speed & pitch selector
  • Convenient top load blade changes
  • Large hand wheel with blade tensioning guide accurately measures blade tension
  • Replaceable blade brush
  • Coolant system delivered through both blade guides


        WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive harm