Palmgren 9661201 - 2-Ton Arbor Press

Palmgren 9661201 - 2-Ton Arbor Press

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Delivers the heavy force needed for riveting, squeezing, punching, bending, and other pressing applications. Removable machined steel anvil provides accurate work support in four slot positions. Depth stop securely clamps to the ram and withstands full pressure. A lockable fine adjustment adjusting screw accurately limits the depth of the ram stroke.

Punches or tools may be added to the end of the ram with the aid of a magnetic insert. The ram is reversible with one end solid and the other end with a hole and magnet to hold bits and tools.

  • Sturdy, cast-iron construction
  • Rugged steel ram is driven by a machined pinion
  • Base drilled for mounting on a bench or pedestal
  • Includes three piece bit set - 1 pointed, 1 round and 1 square end bit, and a removable steel anvil
  • The base is machine to hold the three bit set
Model AP20
Force 2.0 ton
Lever Ratio 19.0:1
Swing 10- 3/8 in
Anvil Diameter 6- 3/4 in
Max Work Height 7- 7/8 in
Ram Dimensions 1- 1/4 x 1- 1/4 in
Height 15- 1/8 in
Base Dimensions 8- 16 in
Weight 70 lb


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WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive harm