S & G Tool Aid 17580 Rotary Barrel Pump

SKU: SGT 17580
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S & G Tool Aid has for over 40 years supplied the automotive aftermarket and related industries with a wide range of general automotive and auto body tools, equipment and mechanics’ aids.  Our products are innovative and manufactured to professional quality standards.


  • Fits 15, 30 & 55 gallon drums with 2" bung opening
  • Dispenses approx. 8 gallons per 100 revolutions
  • Curved discharge spout
  • Handle swivels for easy cranking
  • Made from polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) with fluorine rubber and Teflon(R) seals for use with: thinners, acetone, DEF (Urea), gasoline, water, weak acids, windshield washer fluid, anti-freeze, diesel, alkalines and petroleum