TOPDON TC001 Portable Thermal Camera for Android OS

Regular price $209.95

The TC001 is compatible with Android phone/tablet and features a downloadable app to turn a regular smartphone into a high-tech thermal camera. Windows tablet functionality is also supported, with the TCView app available to download from the TOPDDON official website. Simply download the accompanying app, slot the TC001 in your device’s USB-C port, and unleash thermal technology that formally only belonged to special forces. Perfect for home inspectors, HVAC technicians, electricians, automotive technicians, and even farmers looking to protect crops and livestock.

  • Equipped with an ultra-high IR camera resolution of 256x192 pixels
  • Designed with mobility in mind, the TC001 can easily pair with most Android smartphones; the device only weighs 30g, and measures 71x42x14mm; further adding to the TC001’s mobility.
  • Wide temperature range of -4℉ to 1022℉(-20℃ to 550℃)
  • Includes 10 different color palettes, sharpness and contrast adjustment, picture-in-picture and many other functions. 

Includes: TC001 Thermal Camera, Adapter Cable, Carrying Bag


   WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive harm