Chicago Pneumatic 7120 Needle and Chisel Scaler Kit: 1-13/64" Stroke Lg; 4,800 bpm; 1/2" Shank Size

SKU: CPT 7120
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These scalers accept needles or chisels and have an inline design that aligns the barrel with the tool grip to form a slim, straight tool for reaching through openings and into recesses or tight spaces. They have a removable retainer that can be interchanged to hold a bundle of needles or a chisel. Their lever switch activates the tool to strike the needles or chisel against surfaces to clean off coatings and buildup. The needles are loosely bundled rods that move independently to follow curves and contours. They are typically used to remove rust, mill scale, and paint. Chisels are used individually to provide a cutting edge or point that's more effective than needles at scraping, chipping, and breaking through heavy deposits. Needles and chisels can be changed out for different sizes or types as long as they are compatible with the scaler. They can be replaced when they break or wear out.


  • Ideal for surface preparation work
  • Adjustable sleeve to fit protrusion of the needles to the task to be performed
  • 19-1/8" steel needles with high resistance to wear
  • Easily converts to chisel scaler
  • 4,800 BPMS

WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive harm