Master Appliance GT-70 Master General Torch

Regular price $45.95

Master General Industrial Torch GT-70 is the tool that hobbyists and professionals alike all turn to for portable heat. With its self-igniting electric ignition that is easy to start and a self-contained fuel tank, we successfully eliminated the hassle of using a spark lighter or needing to carry around a bulky canister of fuel. In fact, each torch can hold up to 80 ccs of Ultratane® butane. Every GT-70 torch we supply is easy to use and competitively priced, so you can enjoy up to 30 minutes of continuous run time without compromising your tool budget.

The Master General Torch GT-70 is the preferred choice of professionals because it can safely reach temperatures up to 2,500 °F, but it is also a valuable tool for various home projects. The GT-70 torch can be used for crafting, brazing metal, electrical soldering, landscaping, stripping paint, loosening rusty bolts, and so much more. 


  • Self-igniting piezo electric ignition that is easy to start and eliminates need for lighter
  • Self-contained, metal fuel tank that is rugged and lightweight, easy to use, eliminates bulky canister
  • Large fuel capacity, 80 cc self-contained tank for 30-minute continuous run time
  • Large sized adjustable blue flame that accommodates many heavy-duty industrial applications with temperatures up to 2500°F/1300°C
  • Safety lock that prevents unintentional ignition, locks for storage
  • Meets Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) Requirements
  • Use to braze with special alloy welding rods, heat and bend thin metals, loosen rusted bolts, pop dents out of metal, shrink and terminate heavy wall adhesive lined tubing, solder and desolder, and more

    WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive harm