Master Appliance MT-76 3-in-1 Master Microtorch

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The Master Microtorch MT-76 may just be the solution your toolbox is missing. This heavy-duty soldering torch is incredibly versatile and easy to use, but it is also affordably priced to suit any type of budget. This butane torch comes with a soldering iron and heat tip, so you can solder up to 752° F (400° C) and heat a wide range of materials or surfaces up to 932° F (500° C). Every torch kit includes a trigger torch, removable stand, wire cutters, needle nose pliers, tips, shrink attachments, and polyfoam cutters, as well as a durable plastic case to make complicated transport a thing of the past. The Master Microtorch MT-76 is ideal for heating parts, igniting materials, melting plastic, shrink tubing, soldering, desoldering, terminating specialty connectors, and other tasks.


  • The MT-76 is a versatile hand held or table top torch that can function as a butane torch, soldering iron or flameless heat tool
  • Self igniting piezo ignition
  • Hands free slide lock for continuous use
  • Adjustable flame size
  • Torch has a unique shutter lever to extinguish ignition flame when using the soldering or hot air tip attachments
  • Refillable plastic tank, runs for 2 hours on a full tank
  • Soldering temp up to 752F, hot air temp up to 932F
  • For best performance fill with Master Ultratane butane

    WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive harm