Mastercool 58490 R12/R134a Master Kit

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Mastercool’s valve core remover/installer has a built-in ball valve to retain charge and allow access to A/C system. Excellent for replacing valve cores without discharging the system, speeding recovery and recharging large systems. Its heavy-duty design for R134a and R12 systems allows the user to change valve cores while under pressure without any refrigerant loss. 

  • Designed for use of servicing valve cores in R134a and R12 systems
  • Universal valve core remover/installer for standard, JRA, Eaton and GM large bore valve cores
  • Access and change valve cores while the A/C system is still filled with refrigerant
  • Stainless steel ball valve design and patented thread remover lets the user block off the system while changing the valves cores, allowing for no refrigerant loss


  • Valve assembly
  • R134a high side 16mm connector
  • R134a low side 13mm connector
  • 1⁄4″ FL swivel connector
  • standard valve core remover/installer assembly
  • GM large bore valve core remover/installer assembly
  • JRA R134a valve core remover/installer assembly
  • Eaton R134a low side valve core remover/installer assembly
  • Eaton R134a high side valve core remover/installer assembly
  • adapter 1/4″-M x 3/16″-F high side GM/Ford
  • adapter 1/4″-M x 1/8″-F high side Ford.

WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive harm